CyberCenturion III – Introductory Round 1

Last year, our school participated in the CyberCenturion challenge. To quote from their website: Are you age 12-18 and enjoy puzzles, code breaking and cyber? Then our CyberCenturion competition could be just the thing for you. What this involves is running a virtual machine with either Windows or Ubuntu and “fixing” security problems with it. […]

We Have The Summer Holidays For This…

Apart from building work, a large part of the school Summer holidays are spent getting all of the computers ready for when staff and students come back in September. Most of the time this means installing or updating software, or general hardware or software maintenance that can’t be completed when people are around. During these […]

The New Staffroom

Last year we got ourselves a new office. This year, it was the rest of the staffs turn. Well, that’s not entirely true. They already had a staffroom, but it was to be converted into offices for use by inclusion staff instead (the official reasoning for this is: “Inclusion is at the heart of the […]