User Acceptance Testing: The School Website – Retaliation

To be honest, I just wanted to write a title that sounded like a movie sequel. It’s not that much more exciting since the previous instalments about the new school website.

However, since I highlighted all of my changes in yellow, the developer looking after our site made their changes in green with the text ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS, I think to make sure that I got it. In response, I’ve sent the document back with my changes with text being bold and italic with a grey highlight.

A list of changes that are needed to be made to the school website highlighted, along with the developers responses

Here’s what still needs to be fixed (normal text) or new problems (underlined text). Developer comments are bold, my additional comments italic. Anything that was fixed from my previous request has been left out of this list (for brevity).

Website (Public) Side

General (Phones)

Site doesn’t look good on phones in portrait mode – images stretch or text on banner image is cut off
Banner images on pages on phones ‘jump’ in size as scrolled
All pages => page in landscape shows right sidebar above content, right sidebar below content in portrait – doesn’t change when phone orientated
‘School intranet’ links in the footer don’t seem to point to a specific page DONE Not working still. Links point to current page user is on. Also, how can the intranet page be customised?
Can the text over the banner image have a background shadow, to allow for reading against light background images – something like “text-shadow: 0 0 10px #fff”? DONE Not showing at the moment (also, the #fff should be #555 for grey if not already corrected to #000)

School tour > main homepage

Doesn’t show on mobiles / not able to close overlay
If the last image in the list is to the left of any previous image (where it loops back around), clicking on any image to the right of it closes the popup FiXED Not showing correctly at the moment, the popup still closes


Newsflash banner scrolls too quickly on some devices – can it be paused on hover to read text
Can the information ‘i’ use the material design iconic font icon rather than an image? DONE Not showing at the moment, still using png file

Error pages

There seems to be a hardcoded size this displays in (so doesn’t look good on some screen sizes) – i.e. <div class=”vert” style=”width 1583px; height: 768px;”> THIS IS SET TO THE SCREEN SIZE WHEN LOADING THE WEBSITE Looks fine apart from top of words cut off on small screens

Search box

Doesn’t seem to find all words, only full page and news titles, is this by design? e.g.
Found: ‘welcome’ as it is a page title
Not Found: ‘colleagues’ (which is text on a welcome page); ‘letters’ (from ‘letters and newsletters’ pages); ‘latest news’ (not a ‘school’ page)
Note: does find letters and newsletters if surrounded by % characters (%letters%), so it may be worth coding these in for the SQL ‘like’ search parameters THE SEARCH BOX WORKS LIKE THIS CURRENTLY HOWEVER IT ONLY SEARCHES THROUGH TITLES DO YOU WANT IT TO SEARCH THOUGH BODY CONTENT TOO Yes please

It is possible to type a partial SQL query into the search box. Can this be removed too, as per my previous request in an email – e.g. it’s possible to get all items in reverse ID order by typing: %’ ORDER BY ‘id’ DESC — \

Pages > Nursery, Lower School, Sixth Form

The links on the sidebar menu seem to be shown with the highest page ID at the top, e.g. Welcome is shown at the bottom (note: upper school seems to show correctly) THIS IS SHOWING THE PAGES IN REVERSE ORDER AS PER PREVIOUS EMAIL Is this the email where I said “change order of display, e.g. new page created but should be displayed at the top”? In which case I was requesting for us to be able to change the display order of pages, not specifically to have the pages in reverse order. Sorry for any confusion

SEND > website page

Question boxes don’t always align correctly THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN WHEN ALL QUESTIONS HAVE THE SAME LENGTH OF QUESTION This isn’t due to question length, see screenshots
Clicking on a question doesn’t scroll down the page – should this be consistent with the rest of the pages? THIS WILL HAPPEN ONCE CONTENT HAS BEEN UPLOADED Added content to a question, and scroll didn’t happen

Admin Side


Change order of display, e.g. new page created but should be displayed at the top DONE Doesn’t seem to have been applied, or no obvious way to do it. Also, see previous comment above (General > Pages > Nursery, Lower School, Sixth Form)
Pages with an apostrophe in break the public pages loading. Putting back ticks in place of them isn’t a suitable replacement (Note: This is what was suggested to be done). THIS HAS BEEN SORTED PLEASE RE-ENTER THE PAGE NAMES IN THE EDIT PAGE The errors still occur even with new page names, see screenshots
‘View’ links in about pages go to 404 pages

Pages > Add page

Nursery pages do not seem to be added, despite showing on the dashboard

Pages > Edit page

Updating a page and then pressing the save button takes you to a blank page, rather than to the list of pages in the relevant section – e.g. editing a page in the upper school section should take you back to the list of pages in the upper school Currently takes you back to the page being edited on save

Pages > School Nurse, Safeguarding, Guest Book

Modified the text in the page, and now can’t see a way to edit the text again as it’s empty. Making any changes and saving them does not seem to update on the site FIXED Not for guest book as unable to save any changes
All go to blank page after pressing save button

News > Manage articles

Can the date of the post be edited? NOT AT THE MOMENT AS THIS WORKS OFF WHEN IT WAS UPLOADED Is it possible to allow the date to be changed? Sometimes news may need to be backdated
Doesn’t show correct version of title when edited. Pressing save shows the old title text. Typing something again and pressing save shows the new title text entered before, please see the screenshots


Start date & end date placeholder text of date format? THIS ISNT[sic] CHANGEABLE AS IT WORKS OFF THE LOCAL FORMAT FOR THE COUNTRY THE USER IS LOOKIN[sic] AT IT IN Unable to add events as it’s saying it’s in the wrong order, see screenshot
Event ending on following day doesn’t fill up day (i.e. 19/09 – 22/09 only shows 19/09 – 21/09) THIS CAN NOW BE DONE USING THE TIME RANGES SIMPLY SET THE TIME TO A TIME IN THE DAY NOT 00:00 Unable to currently test due to above problem
Time ranges for events (e.g. afterschool open evening) rather than whole day as this would be useful when the calendar is in day or week view TIME RANGES HAVE BEEN ADDED HOWEVER THE CALENDAR DOESNT[sic] ALLOW PART DAYS Unable to currently test due to above problem

School Tour

Attempting to add more than one image at a time causes a database error. Only the first one is added, please see screenshots

Site Settings

When making any changes and attempting to save them, an error message is displayed, see screenshots

The email that I received when being told that the changes had been made was the following:

Oh dear. I hope I haven’t caused them to need a holiday…

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