User Acceptance Testing: The School Website – Here We Go Again…

It’s been a while since the last instalment of the development of the school website. Well, the reason for this is explained in the email that I received about a week ago:

I’m not sure if this is due to all of the changes that I’ve been asking to be made, or just for other unrelated reasons. Oh well, it just mean there was a longer delay before I’d hear from the again.

To jump ahead a few days, I finally received an email from the people who are helping with the school rebranding efforts on behalf of the website developers. It read like so:

I think I’ll be the judge of what things are or aren’t working, thank you very much. While I do try and keep an open and unbiased mind, I did think that there being only two remaining problems was a bit optimistic. I was soon proved right…

Website (Public) Side


All pages => page in landscape shows right sidebar above content, right sidebar below content in portrait – doesn’t change when phone orientated
‘School intranet’ link not shown in footer on phones
Child pages do not seem to get shown / no obvious way to access them
The pages don’t seem to scroll down anymore (seems to be a script error)


The text shadow over the images has been changed, but could it be “text-shadow: 0 0 10px #000” instead, to give a ‘gentler’ effect?

School tour > main homepage

Left & right arrows do not display on desktop computers, but do on phones


A lambda symbol is shown when giving a date range, instead of a dash, e.g. Nov 20 λ 25 2016

Pages > School Nurse, Guest Book

School nurse – the formatting goes out of alignment if ‘h5’ is used
School nurse, guest book – these use the lower school colour scheme for the page titles, where any other page uses the upper school colour scheme

Guest Book

There seems to be a faint gridline ‘cross’ shown on this page, but the text flows straight through it
How can the ‘intro’ text on the guest book be changed?

Admin Side


While not an issue, can directory browsing be turned off for the admin side of the site, e.g. http://<address>/admin/images/ allows me to see photos of yourselves (could this also be checked for the public side too as it seems available on some folders, for example: http://<address>/fullcalendar-2.9.0/)
Is it possible to have a confirm dialog before items are deleted?


How can the links on this page be updated, as there doesn’t seem to be a link on the admin section


Some ‘view’ links open in new tabs, others in the same one. Can they all open in new tabs?
Can we have the ability to change the ordering of pages, for example, we create a new page but want it to appear underneath an existing one
Pages with an apostrophe now automatically get formatted as back ticks. Is there no ability to just have plain apostrophes like the news posts?

Pages > Edit page

Editing a page after creating one does not allow a parent page to be selected – the list just says ‘please select a parent page’. Pages that were a child page and are edited subsequently lose their relationship

News > Manage articles

Unable to change the date, it will always appear as ‘today’
After adding a new news post, you are taken back to the ‘add’ screen again. Could this be changed to go to the manage articles section instead?


Event ending on following day doesn’t fill up day (i.e. 24/11 – 25/11 only shows 24/11 – 24/11)
Although time ranges can be set, this doesn’t seem to be shown when the calendar is in day view, or on the information dialog when the event is clicked
Events with apostrophes in the description become escaped (e.g. it’s becomes it\’s becomes it\\\’s, etc…)

Policies > manage policies

Pressing delete does not delete the policy from the list
Can the policies for each section be arranged alphabetically, regardless of when they’re added?
After adding a new policy, you are taken back to the ‘add’ screen again, it should be the manage policies section instead
Editing a policy in word format attempts to download the file when previewing. PDF only preview will be fine
Editing a policy to change its category causes the policy file link to be lost. When attempting to edit the policy again, the ‘404’ page of the website is shown in the preview container

Inspection reports, SEND > Manage Questions, News Flash

After adding a new item, you are taken back to the ‘add’ screen again. Could this be changed to go to the ‘manage’ section instead?

If you’re wondering why I’ve started the list again, it was becoming a bit messy and since it was a new developer I wanted to be kind to them. However, you may notice that there’s some similar items, but generally the front end side of the site is now mostly working.

After being told that the changes had been sent over to the developers, I then received this email reply from the member of internal staff who’s also working on the marketing:

And subsequently this reply from the external marketing person:

Well, considering that it’s taken about a month for the website to get to this stage, I can only hope it’ll be ready in time. That’s also not including the switchover, updating of DNS, informing our current website company and uploading all of the files. After all, it’s going to be my fault if it’s not ready by then.

Actually, I’ve just realised that I’ve been volunteered to work on New Year’s Day to get the website up! So much for a Christmas break…

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