Hyper(-V) Minecraft – Part 7 – Install SpacePanel

As SpaceBukkit is now installed, it’s only fair to the program to install and set up it’s companion website, SpacePanel. While this program should allow you to control different game servers, we’ll be using it to control our CraftBukkit Minecraft server. Although the instructions given on the website are only three lines long, there’s also […]

Hyper(-V) Minecraft – Part 1 – Hyper-V Setup

To start off our Hyper(-V) Minecraft server, we will need to set up a virtual machine with Hyper-V manager before hand. It is assumed that you already have Hyper-V set up on your server or local computer. Once you have done this, and have opened up the Hyper-V manager, you can continue with these instructions. Note: Depending […]