Easter Holiday Activities

It’s holiday time in school. Three weeks to relax and just do whatever I feel like. Sorry, did I say weeks? I meant 3 minutes.

Somehow the holidays in school feel busier for me than the term times. I think this is because staff will think I’ll be lonely and not have things to do, so they’re looking after me by keeping me busy. While I appreciate their caring nature, it doesn’t help that I’ve already got things queued up that can’t happen during term time.

I though that this Easter I’d keep a list of the things that I want to do and the actual jobs that I did. Also, if I don’t manage to complete anything, this’ll prove a helpful to-do list for me for the next holidays.

Jobs to do Jobs actually done
Help students with coursework Helped students with their coursework
Figure out why an external email address cannot be sent to No idea why. It’s working after rebooting the network when the air con was installed
Have server room air con replaced It’s nice an chilly in there again now
Install iTALC in computer suites Installed in needed computer suites
Have engineers look at our Wi-Fi network (again) They looked and made a few changes
Set up a Minecraft server (purely for school use) I think I did just that
Have a holiday It was enjoyable and relaxing
Program some more of my app
Figure out a way to block some students from some websites
Install LEGO digital designer in a classroom Installed the program (only a few weeks late – 2015-05-11)
Win my argument with AWMA  I did win the argument
Updated student information in SIMS
Became a detective when checking the nursery CCTV

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