My Proposed New School Motto

The headteacher received an… interesting email from an anonymous email address. The content of the email was supposedly saying that a number of students had been witnessed doing things they shouldn’t be doing, and that the person who sent the email did not wish to be known (yes, I am aware that’s the definition of […]

CyberCenturion IV – Winners Trip – Debrief

Introduction Wow. What a fantastic and amazing opportunity we’d all had. Being able to go to the United States and hear from people who are working at very high levels in their respectable fields was an absolute honour. Everything that we’d done over the last few days had been inspirational to us all, allowing us […]

CyberCenturion IV – Winners Trip – Day 5

Do you remember that I’ve been going on about Hurricane Florence since we’ve been in the United States? Good. Do you remember that I’ve been watching The Weather Channel as it’s the only channel that I’ve really been able to get? Good. Do you remember that there’s been mass evacuations going on? Good. Do you […]

CyberCenturion IV – Winners Trip – Preflight Checklist

Not that I’m trying to reveal any spoilers here, but our team won the fourth CyberCenturion competition. The prize for winning is an all expenses paid trip to Washington. Yes, the one in the United States of America. Although the trip was intended to be in the Summer, due to holidays already booked up by […]