Orange You Glad I Picked Blue?

Don’t worry, that title will make sense soon. I promise! Anyway, you can probably guess this is another baking focussed post, as the feature image probably gave the game away. However, I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to see if I made fairy cakes or cupcakes (because I certainly don’t know!). But, […]

Cherry Nice to Meet You

After having made a number of cakes full of sugar, this time I’ve gone for the healthy route. Well, it contains cherries, and they’re a fruit, so it’s healthy. Right? I shall again be using a recipe from the book that I received at Christmas, along with the ingredients that it said were needed. I […]

Feeding the Devil

It’s quite interesting to see that over the last few months I’ve started to get into cooking. While I did the few microwavable items, I didn’t really do much “proper” cooking. And while you could argue that baking cakes and desserts doesn’t really count as cooking, I argue that I get to eat them and […]