Harry Potter World

Over the last weekend I went to Harry Potter world, or, “The Making of Harry Potter” (not just by myself, that would be a bit weird). Although I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan around (I’ve watched all the films, but after many years am still only halfway through the first book <gasp!>), we did […]

World Book Day

World Book Day was on the 5th March, and all staff could dress up as their favourite character from a book. I don’t really have one, so I decided to decorate the office with xkcd printouts instead. I may have gone a little overboard. Update: 23rd March 2015 One of our Science teachers came into […]


…world Here is where I’m going to put the rambling thoughts that come out of my head space. I can’t guarantee the frequency of these, or even if they’re going to be interesting, but I guess you’ll find out!