How Many is Too Much?

I like pushing computers to the limit. Not in terms of overclocking, but how many programs I can run at once before the computer throws up its memory contents and crashes. My computer in work does a very good job of running more than it can handle (probably not now as I’ve mentioned it) but before I went on holiday I thought that I’d see how much I was running on it. Here’s some screenshots, although I did close Android Studio before taking them (which in itself takes up 1.5GB of RAM), so it probably doesn’t seem as bad:

Process Explorer listing the running programs on my computer
I’m glad it’s not just one program using most of my computers resources

Google Chrome open with 53 tabs currently open
I have a fantastic memory… I can remember what is on each of these 53 tabs. I think.
Windows Explorer showing a number of windows opened
I’m always worried I’ll forget where I’ve saved my files.
The system showing the uptime since January 2015
I know not updating a computer is a bad thing, but restarting and logging back on again takes me a while

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