So Many Pieces

I really like LEGO[citation needed]. However, in todays society of everything being electronic, children seem to prefer to do this on a computer too. But while there’s a somewhat popular game that seems to be quite similar to LEGO, the company themselves have a program that allows you to create virtual objects instead. And much like the physical kits that you can buy, the virtual one seems to come in as many pieces and steps too. What follows is the screens from installing the program…

The installer being unzipped

The unzipping program asking to abort
That window really didn’t like to be touched, not just on the cancel button
The installer asking what language to install in
I have a choice, but I think this language is best
The first page of the installer wizard
Well, this looks like a normal software installer
The EULA for the Lego Digital Designer
I hope you read this properly
Installation options for the LEGO Digital Designer
The installer asking to perform a hardware check
The location to install the program to
Sigh, next…
The program and its files being installed
The installer has completed
Yay! Let’s start using this program now
LEGO Digital Designer asking to update the newly installed software
Oh. That wasn’t the latest version that I just installed then?
The start of a newer version being downloaded
Only another 215MB to download then
The download partially completed
This would be quicker to be delivered as 9 × 200-character per inch 2400-foot IBM 7330 7-track magnetic tapes
The newer version being extracted from the download
I’m not touching you again!

The first screen of the install wizard

The install wizard has completed
I’ve skipped a few steps to save you going through the installer again too
The LEGO Digital Designer starting
At last, we’re getting somewhere
The program downloading some resource files
More downloading? Well, OK, if it’s needed
The program updating some files
998 bricks to update? That seems like a lot…
The program downloading more resources
Umm, another download
The program updating more resources
Didn’t you just update these bricks?
Even more resources being downloaded
What?! Yet more downloading?
Even more resources being updated
Ooh, 999 bricks this time
More resources being downloaded
What is it with these high 30MB files you’re downloading?
Even more resources being updated
So we’re back to only needing to update 998 bricks again then
A smaller sized file to download
Ooh goodie, a different size!
A smaller number of resources to be updated
Only 531 bricks now (but this one took the longest to update?)
An even smaller file being downloaded
More blocks being updated
Surely I have more bricks than the largest Lego models now?
Both the download and updating of resources happening quickly
I didn’t even get a chance to screenshot the download for this one!
The last installation step for the program
Almost there…
The LEGO Digital Designer program finally launching
The main screen of the program
Right, let’s start designing
The greatest house ever built in Lego Digital Designer
Think you can do better than the greatest designer ever (me)? Download the house and get building (once you’ve installed Lego Digital Designer, that is)

So, what are the lessons that we can learn here? Always make sure your website download page has the most up-to-date version of your program, and bundle all parts of the program in one big download to save having to wait for separate parts to be downloaded too. I can wait to update this program when a newer version is available.

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