World Book Day

World Book Day was on the 5th March, and all staff could dress up as their favourite character from a book. I don’t really have one, so I decided to decorate the office with xkcd printouts instead.

I may have gone a little overboard.

A selection of xkcd comics
The comics at one end of the office

More xkcd comics
Looking at my ‘xkcd corner’
Even more xkcd comics!
I think I killed a tree printing all these. Oops.

Update: 23rd March 2015
One of our Science teachers came into my office this week and spotted the comics. Turns out it’s not just me into them where I work. Plus, he lent me his copy of this:

A front cover image of the xkcd "what if?" book
What if… I throw the “what if?” book at the speed of light? Let’s try Science!

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