Like many other schools around the world, our one has finally joined the iPad group too. While I’m still yet to be convinced that these devices will revolutionise learning (I believe they complement current teaching methods better), giving staff shiny new things will always keep them happy. Our school has gone with 30 iPad Air 2’s to trial them with some of the little people, before rolling them out to the whole school (if that will ever happen – all staff were promised one each last September). Here’s a short story of their arrival…

It started with a call from the receptionist one afternoon… “There are some cardboard boxes in reception for you”. I’m pleased to say they were telling the truth.

A tower of seven cardboard boxes
A tower of seven cardboard boxes… I wonder what they could be?

Upon opening the six larger cardboard boxes, they were filled with 5 iPad Air 2’s each.

Five iPads inside the cardboard box
You’ll need to take my word that these are iPads and not just reams of paper

Located in the smaller cardboard box on top of the stack of other boxes was the 11 inch MacBook Air, which would be used to look after and configure the iPads.

The MacBook Air inside it's protective cardboard packaging

It went quiet for a few days once that delivery had arrived, so I chased up our supplier to make sure that they hadn’t forgotten the remaining items we needed to have. Eventually, the trolley for storing and syncing them arrived, in a cardboard box too.

The charging trolley shortly after delivery
By now, you can probably see where I’m going with the cardboard packaging thing…

After unboxing it from its protective cardboard packaging and installing the handles, we moved it into the location were it’d spend most of its life. By a happy coincidence it fitted perfectly into a space we hadn’t measured.

The iPad trolley unboxed and in its usual storage location
It looks like a safe, which is good, as it probably contains more valuable valuables than the schools’ actual safe!

On the same day at the trolley arriving, the cases for the iPads also arrived… inside a larger cardboard box.

The iPad cases, both loosely packed and inside a cardboard box
You’ll never guess what was inside the cardboard box… another cardboard box!

We went with the STM dux cases for the iPad Air 2, as this will hopefully prevent any accidental damage being done to the iPads. They also have a clear back so we can quickly see the asset sticker on them too. Oh, and the packaging for these cases was cardboard too (with magnets used to hold it closed).

The packaging for the iPad cases
Good news everyone! (From the packaging) “Drop Test Passed – 26 drops from 4 feet”… I guess it smashes beyond repair on the 27th drop?

The front of the iPad case, with a flip cover

The reverse of the iPad case, with a clear back to see the iPad
//TODO: Replace cardboard foam packaging with iPad

Now that we had all of the items we needed, it was time to do some unboxing! During this process, we took over a whole classroom, as we needed the space to put the various items. The first things we unboxed were the iPads.

A number of unboxed iPads on a classroom desk
Right, who left the scissors open on the table?

And just because looking at iPads is nice, here’s another view:

A selection of unboxed iPad devices
Who doesn’t like looking at Apple products?

We also unpacked the cases for the iPads and placed them on another table too. Well, it was the holidays, so no-one is going to need the classroom any time soon.

10 piles of iPad cases sitting on a table
30 iPad cases sitting on the table, 30 iPad cases sitting on the table, and if one iPad case should purposely be filled, there’ll be 29 iPad cases sitting on the table…

Eventually, the iPads were placed in their cases and then locked away in the trolley for use when the students and staff return. Here’s one iPad looking cute and snuggly in its case:

An iPad installed in a case

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I haven’t been mentioning cardboard packaging for a while, I’ve been storing it all up for you. I hope you enjoy it!

Piles of cardboard packaging on some tables
Do you remember that thing called “The Environment“?

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