The New Room

I have been at my current workplace for 4 and a half years. My colleague joined me in January 2015. For all of that time, I have been working out of this office:

The office that my colleague and myself have been working out of, albeit slightly messy
Sorry for the mess, it was the holidays and we dumped things in there before I took the photo

It measured 3 meters by 5 meters. In reality, it was a room at the end of a corridor.

While we had somehow coped with all of the challenges that happen over a school term, we were slowly outgrowing this office. There was no avoiding this fact. So, after scouring the school for a room that was going to be suitable for us to work in, we eventually settled on a classroom that was only used for 10 hours per week, but was large enough to move around in. After getting agreement from the headteacher and chair of the board of trustees, we started arranging for power, networking and desks to be put into place. The work was then started during the school holidays.

Our new office mostly empty, apart from the electricians tools around
The work started when I was on holiday, so this is the earliest picture there is

However, while the electricians were able to put their cabling and trunking in almost straight away, the builders were already scheduled for other jobs around the school, so we had to wait for a few weeks before the desks were finally put in. The desks run around 3 sides of the room, with the last one empty for easy access to the whiteboard.

Our new office, with some desking around the sides of the room
Our new office – Now with desks!
The opposite end of the room, facing the door, showing the desks
As much as it was fun not being able to get into the room, the desks had to eventually be cut diagonally

Eventually the networking people turned up so that the room would actually be usable by us. Unfortunately, due to the builders late start, this was carried out on the last week of the holidays, so we were getting close to almost not having an office at the start of the term.

The office, with network cables hanging from the ceiling
With all of those cables around, I like to think we have one of these living in our office
The new office in an almost finished state, with some tools around
This is pretty much the tidiest you’ll see the office. Admittedly, there isn’t anything in it!

Eventually, on the very last day of the Summer school holidays, our new office was finished. We then were able to move most of the items stored in the old room into the new one.

The new office with various items on the desks
What a wonderful thing it is to have a bigger office

During the first day of school, we then continued to make the new office feel more “lived in”… or, to put it another way, we already started to make it look untidy.

The office in a slightly messy state from various items around the room
Considering we’d used this for only one day, we managed to make it slightly less tidy already
A side on view of my desk, with a few items on
For me, this is the tidiest the desk will ever be

And after all of the rush at the end of the holidays, I now have a nice new desk and office to work from (as does my colleague).

A front on view of my office desk and computer screen layout
This is MY desk. Hands off, OK?

Update: 8th September 2015
After a full 2 days working in our office, it already looks like this. Oops.

The office desks with items piled in a messy order
I can’t help but feel we may need a bigger office. Or at least for me to stop making so much mess!

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