I Had My Cake and (Then) Ate It

(I tried to do both, I really did, but I couldn’t).

By the looks of it I think I may have baking fever. I just can’t get enough of cooking since I’ve learnt about the joys of it! (Actually, the truth is that since the last cooking escapade we still had a large amount of flour left over. But that doesn’t make a good start to a post). Therefore, for this episode of baking I shall be making a sponge cake. Note: Any similarities to programmes on TV, past or present, are purely coincidental in nature.

To start off with, we got the ingredients that were needed. For this particular recipe of sponge cake, it was (I think):

  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of flour
  • A jar of jam
  • An oven at 190 degrees centigrade
The ingredients needed to make the cake, along with an electric mixer
Not shown: Oven. Shown additionally: Cucumber, apples.

The first thing to do was to put the sugar and eggs into the mixing bowl.

After putting some of the ingredients into the mixing bowl, it was time to use the whisk. I’m not normally allowed to use dangerous spinny things, but under adult supervision, I was able to.

Once we’d let the food mixer do most of the heavy work, it was our turn. We poured in the flour and then started to turn it into the “sugary egg blend” until it was all a smooth texture (ignore the lumps).

We then poured the mixture into the baking tins and popped it into the oven for 15 minutes. It was during this pouring stage we realised there wasn’t enough mixture to actually need 2 tins didn’t have any problems.

15 10 minutes later we took the cakes out of the oven as they had cooked, and left them on the side to cool down.

After letting the cakes cool down for a few minutes, it was time to turn them over and out onto the cooling rack. Although my Mum had said it would be difficult, thanks to non-stick pans, the cakes fell out almost straight away (bar prodding with a spatula).

The second of the cakes was slightly more awkward to get out as it had stuck on the bottom a bit, but with some gentle tapping on the cake tin it soon joined the other piece.

The Two Cake Halves
These aren’t pancakes, if you’re wondering

Due to the, shall we say, lack of height of the cakes, we decided to cut each of them in half to create more height to the finished cake. After doing that, we spread jam over the pieces to get them to stick together, and also to make a filling.

Finally came the cutting of the cake into smaller pieces so that we could eat it. Here’s the historic moment happening:
An animation showing the cake being cut into pieces

And here’s the historic moment of me eating it too!
An animation showing the cake being eaten

Overall, this was something fun to go and make. However, the cake did taste quite eggy (due to the use of eggs and not much else), of which I’m not a fan, so it ruined the cake for me slightly. Apart from that, I enjoyed it.

Bonus: “Baking Fever” Footnotes

I couldn’t find any illness related to baking. I did find a website from a doctor telling me the joys of baking soda and how it could be used to get rid of colds and flu. As we all know, online medical advice is something to be taken seriously (if you take what I just wrote seriously you may need further diagnosis). Therefore, I’m shocked at some of the blatant disregard that people on the Internet have shown in the comments section on that site:

A comment written about the medical blog post
I happen to feel you are just trying to discredit Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P). How dare you!

A comment written about the medical blog post
I think you may be lactose intolerant, nothing to do with sodium bicarbonate.

A comment written about the medical blog post
I think you’re asking for advice on the wrong website

A comment written about the medical blog post
Or it just cleared up on it own?

A comment written about the medical blog post
… … … … … ?!?!?

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